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Hot Water Extraction vs Encapsulation

When it comes time to get your carpet cleaned and especially if it is for the first time, you may not be sure which method is best for you. You have the option of hot water extraction (also referred to as steam cleaning) or another option called encapsulation cleaning. The method that is most commonly preferred by our customers is hot water extraction.

At Mike's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning we take pride in the fact that we use high powered and professional level, truck mounted equipment. Because of our high powered equipment the water is capable of being heated to 240 plus degrees. This process creates steam and is the reason some people call it steam cleaning. No steam is actually used in the process.

The combination of hot water and cleaning agents will clean and sanitize much more that the surface of your carpet. It can remove years of dirt, stains and germ accumulation that have sunk deep into your carpet in one cleaning session.

This deep cleaning method of hot water extraction is able to dissolve even older stains and marks regardless of if they're caused by red wine stains, coffee stains, pet stains, etc.. By removing these stains and odors it will make you home smell fresh and improve your indoor air quality.

During the hot water cleaning process all of the contaminants in your carpet are being flushed and extracted out of the carpet fibers through a hose and contained in a holding tank located in our carpet cleaning truck.

Let's talk about encapsulation . This process of carpet cleaning uses a solution that "encapsulates" (surrounds) the dirt particles that then crystalizes. The solution also has an oxygen bleach that takes care of most stains. First the carpet is vacuumed thoroughly. Next the encapsulation solution is applied and gets agitated into the carpet by using a machine with counter rotating brushes. This in turn lifts out stains and bacteria from your carpet. Any remaining stains are treated with professional spotting kit depending on what they are. Once the carpet has dried the encapsulated dirt will be vacuumed up.

Some people are attracted to this method of cleaning because it has a quick drying time. We use this method quite often in commercial accounts in between hot water extraction as a maintenance cleaning method.

We feel that the hot water extraction method with proper equipment and procedure is the most superior method of cleaning because it flushes contaminants out of your carpet thoroughly.

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